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huge platonic selfshipper
the #1 bugbo enthusiast
ㅤall about the webprincess!ㅤ

hey hi hello! i'm kitty, the webmaster of this place :3 i'm bad at describing myself, but people usually say i'm funny, loud, annoying, passionate, blunt, stubborn, etc. i like to play and have fun on teh internet and talk 2 my internet friends. i also like to code as you can tell. don't worry about pronouns because i don't care what you use.

i am multifandom and i like lotz of things. i like to ramble about my interests and i like to talk about myself. i also like blogging and making art, but collecting random things is my favorite thing to do. for example, i have a big rock collection, a figure collection, a bag collection, a plushie collection, and a kandi collection.

ㅤthe webmaster's interests!ㅤ

ㅤgeneralㅤ cats, sanrio, plushies, rainbows, making kandi, ponytown, flash games, pastel gore, johnny the homicidal maniac, dog man, old web, kaomoji, space, aliens, robots, harajuku fashion, kawaii culture

ㅤ shows ㅤ invader zim, south park, one piece, lucky star, my little pony, bludegoning angel dokuro-chan, panty and stocking with garterbelt, onegai! my melody, the amazing digital circus, sam & max, azumanga daioh, bugbo

ㅤmoviesㅤ the spiderverse movies, spirited away, the witch's flower, invader zim: enter the florpus, mean girls, legally blonde, every south park movie

ㅤ musicㅤ vocaloid / utauloid, j-pop, j-rock, j-idol, bubblegum pop, kawaii rap, breakcore, glitchcore

characters the kagamine twins, hatsune miku, otomachi una, bugbo, gerbo, thomas flyswatter, kagami and tsukasa hiiragi, konata izumi, super sonico, briefs, stocking anarchy, craig tucker, kyle broflovski, dib membrane, invader zim, gir, pinkie pie, fluttershy, sam & max, petey, dog man
my kins
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